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Comprehensive Press Information Management System

PressManager is a scalable suite of tools for managing information relating to press operations such as register quality and scrap/waste control, ink management and color quality, press scheduling, and cylinder/plate management . 

The PressManager modules include data collection and logging, register performance view, register data logging, press run logging, cylinder management, cylinder wear tracking, ink formulation and usage, ink storage management, and press scheduling.

The basis for the suite is the PressManager application where press operations and control tasks are performed.  Each press information module included in the customized suite has it's own screen and each module is integrated and linked with data from other modules.  .

Data is collected using a tool called PressViewer, a high-speed PC-based data-acquisition system. Data is logged to a database server for display and analysis using the PressReporter  module.  PressViewer is also available as a stand alone tool for viewing register and press data in real-time. 

Data collection, storage, integration and analysis is based on open standards and Microsoft SQL database server.


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