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SQL Server

gradient Engineering solution is based on using a SQL server as the core logging and analysis engine.

 SQL server-based solutions facilitate integration of heterogeneous data streams into one unified and homogeneous database.  Off-line reports, real-time monitors, alarm setpoints, external data access, yield and quality management tools can be embedded into the database according to customer needs.  Having the SQL server perform data analysis and aggregate data for reporting ensures that reports are generated at the source, minimizing bandwidth to clients.  By scaling the server to the customerís needs, cost-effective solutions are possible from the process to the enterprise level while providing a viable growth path.

  • SQL Server based solutions provide:
    • Data sharing through serving multiple clients simultaneously
    • Data integrity inherent in the SQL server
    • Database backup to local devices or network resources
    • Database replication for redundancy, data sharing, and load-sharing
    • Access control and security
    • Connectivity (up to enterprise for reports or down to controllers for data) to other database systems is inherent with Windows-based SQL

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